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Hello Guys! We Are OSSInsight! 👁️

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OSS Insight is a powerful tool that provides comprehensive, valuable, and trending insights into the open source world by analyzing 6+ billion rows of GitHub events data.

🎦 Video - OSS Insight: Easiest New Way to Analyze Open Source Software

Embed Real-time Widget in Repo’s / Personal within 30s!

For all charming widgets, please Check it out 👉, here are some examples:

Repository Activity TrendsCollaborative Productivity - Last 28 days
Repository Performance Stats - Last 28 daysActive Contributors - Last 28 days
Star Geographic DistributionStar History
Company AffiliationLines of Code Changes
Pull Request SizePull Request Lifecycle
Currently Working On - Last 28 daysTop Active Contributors - Last 28 Days
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