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Hi , I am Ovindu Wijethunge

Machine Learning Engineer | Data Scientist

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Hello, I am Ovindu Wijethunge a final year undergraduate from University Of Moratuwa, Sri-Lanka (" Wisdom is all wealth ").
a passionate self-learner and a Machine Learning Engineer  ,
who is obsessed with Data science and always looking to find patterns of which are hidden in the data

Thought : "Life is full of choices…choose wisely!”


 About me …

✔ Callme: He/His or TeamWorker 😊
✔ I’m currently Developing a youtube spam comments filtering tool for Sinhala language
✔ I’m currently learning about deep learning🥰
✔ I’m looking to collaborate with any Open - Source data science projects
✔ Ask from me anything you want, If I am alive I will answer within seconds 😉
✔ Fun fact : I Always try to learn something new and then sleep till it store in the brain 😎

 My working tools…

Git Git Activeness



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Credits: Ovindu Wijethunge

Last Edited on: 17/04/2021

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