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Hi , I'm Akash chowrasia

Software Engineer | Technical Content Writer | Data Analysis Enthusiast

aksia akash chowrasia @chowrasia_akash1 akash_chowrasia akash_chowrasia

This is ME, Akash chowrasia, a final year undergraduate from Amritsar college of engineering & technology, amritsar.
A budding Full-Stack Software Developer and a Competitive Programming Enthusiast  ,
who is obsessed with the idea of improving himself and wants a platform to grow and excel  .

Learning while HOPING & HUSTLING!!!



 Talking about Personal Stuffs…

✔ Pronouns: He/His or TeamMaker😉
✔ I’m currently Developing Paycron Payment Gateway @Plaxonic
✔ I’m currently learning ReactJS & NodeJS
✔ I’m looking to collaborate with any Open - Source contribution
✔ I’m looking for help for learning Remote Sensing
✔ I regularly write articles on GeeksforGeeks
✔ I use to write coad on leetcode
✔ Ask me about anything, I am happy to help, only if the ball is in my court!😉
✔ Fun fact : At The time of Stress coding, I use to be in half sleeping mode

 Languages & Tools I Know…

GitHub-Status GitHub StatsGitHub-Status



Here are some 🦜 parrots:

Want to Build Your Own?

Do you like my profile and want to build your own? It’s very simple. GitHub recently added a new feature called Profile Readmes. For it to work, do the following:

  1. Create a special GitHub repository with your username as repository name. My username is Akash-chowrasia so my profile readme repository has the name Akash-chowrasia.
  2. Add a to this repository.
  3. Put some cool content about yourself (or anything you want) into

And that’s about it. The of your profile readme repository will be displayed on your profile page.

Credits: Akash chowrasia

Last Edited on: 22/02/2021

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