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Hi 👋, I'm Max

Wanna nominate me as a GitHub Star ? Here, you go !! (My username is: BaseMax) ----------------------------------------------------- Welcome !!
Some things about me :
:one: Programming language developer
:two: Full stack developer and IT professional with over 10 years of experience.
:three: Proficient with PHP, JavaScript, CSS, C and Python.
:four: Have mastered many areas of programming like Web Development and server-side programming.
:five: I’m currently working on the ONE Programming Language
:six: Looking for funds to complete my Compiler Project - One. Support us at GitHub Sponsors or Patreon.
:seven: How to reach me : Mail me at
:eight: Ask me anything related to programming : here
:nine: Fun fact : Have been developing softwares for most part of my life ----------------------------------------------------- basemax ----------------------------------------------------- Languages and Tools:
c git html5 javascript linux php
Languages Interests:
c c ----------------------------------------------------- basemax

Credit: basemax

Last Edited on: 30/10/2021

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