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Hi , I'm Candida Noronha

I am a Junior at Fr. CRCE pursuing B.E. in CSE. I like to Code, Design, Innovate and Experiment. I am an enthusiastic and a social person who loves to take up new challenges and learn new skills. I love meeting new people, exchanging ideas and spreading knowledge and positivity.


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🛠️ My Skills

👉 Programming languages

C C++ JavaScript Java Python PHP

👉 Frontend Development

HTML CSS Bootstrap

👉 Databases & Cloud Hosting

MySQLSQLiteGitHub PagesHerokuFirebase

👉Graphic Designing

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Indesign Adobe Lightroom Adobe Premiere Pro Canva

👉 Software & Tools

AdobeColabCodepenGitLinuxGoogle SheetsVisual Studio CodeJupyterStack Overflow

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