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    Hi there👋, I'm Elio Chiu

About me

  • :school: I am a Junior at School of Cyber Science and Technology in BUAA
  • :trophy: 2022 MCM/ICM Finalist & 4x Scholarship
  • :technologist: Currently working on Frontend Development & Data Science
  • :boom: You can visit MY WEBSITE for some frontend knowledge
  • :email: Feel free to reach me out Send me Email
  • :nerd_face: Always believe "You are what you loved"

🛠️ My Skills

Programming languages

JavaScript Python C Shell

Frontend Development

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript Vue npm Axios

Data Analysis

Hive ApacheSpark ApacheHadoop MySQL Pandas Numpy Scikit-learn Tableau PowerBI

Software & Tools

Git GitHub Markdown MySQL LaTeX JSON OpenSSL


Visual Studio Code Jupyter Xcode

Operating Systems

Windows MacOS Ubuntu KaliLinux

Github Stats

Mark streak

Credit: ElioChiu

Last Edited on: 10/7/2023

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