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Hey there👋, Welcome to my Github Profile

- A comp-sci undergraduate student and a aspiring software developer with good problem-solving skills. Able to perform well in a team. Passionate about coding and equipped with a diverse and promising skill-set, placing a special emphasis on writing good quality code. Also regularly write technical content and articles for various popular tech sites.

⚡🙋‍♂️ About Me

  • 🔧 I’m currently working on …Online Retail Community App.

  • 💡 I’m curious about …Blockchain and Crypto Currency.

  • 📖 I’m currently learning …Flask.

  • ❄️ I’m looking to collaborate on …Open Source Projects.

  • 📫 How to reach me …

🛠️ Skills


C++  Java  Python  R  Shell Script


Django  Flask  Reactjs  Javascript  Jquery  Apache


MySQL  SQlite  PostgreSQL

Tools and Technologies

Linux  Git  NPM  VIM  AWS  Fast API

Data Analytics

Numpy  Pandas  Tableau  Power BI

📄📜 Stats

    🗓️    Contribution Calender and Radar



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     🔥 My Motto


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