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Hi , I am Muhammad Faizan

WordPress Plugins | Themes Engineer

4 years of experience in WP Plugins Development.

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Hello, I am Muhammad Faizan Haidar a 2018 undergraduate from Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan Islamabad (" Quaidian Once Quaidian Forever ").
a passionate self-learner and a WordPress Engineer  ,
who is obsessed with development and always looking to find new solutions for plugins/themes to learn and develop.

Thought : "Life is full of choices…choose wisely!”


 About me …

✔ Callme: He/His or TeamWorker 😊
✔ I’m currently Developing a Gutenberg Block Plugin Html, CSS, React.js,Js & Php language
✔ I’m currently learning about React🥰
✔ An open source contributor. Please find my free plugin on Attendance Managment       For LifterLMS
✔ A continuous language transaltion contributor Translations
✔ I’m looking to collaborate with any Open - WordPress Plugins Projects
✔ Ask me anything you want, If I am there I will answer within seconds 😉
✔ Fun fact : I Always try to learn something new and then sleep till it stores in my brain 😎

🛠️ My Skills

👉 Programming languages

JavaScript PHP

👉 Frontend Development

HTML CSS Bootstrap React React

👉 Databases & Cloud Hosting

MySQLSQLiteGitHub PagesClosteFirebase

👉 Software & Tools

CodepenGitLinuxGoogle SheetsVisual Studio CodeStack Overflow

 Tools & technologies I use…

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Credits: Muhammad Faizan Haidar

Last Edited on: 05/08/2021

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