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I’m a psychologist turned data scientist who is passionate about using artificial intelligence to make the world a slightly better place. Typically, I like to work on projects involving machine learning, nlp or any analyses involving human behavior. In my spare time, you will often find me working on personal projects or writing articles on medium which typically reside on the intersection of AI and human behavior.

BERTopic: Topic Modeling with BERT
KeyBERT: Keyword Extraction with BERT
SoAn: Analyzing WhatsApp Messages
VLAC: Vectors of Locally Aggregated Concepts
c-TF-IDF: Class-based TF-IDF
ReinLife: Artificial Life with Reinforcement Learning
Reviewer: Character Popularity
Board Game Exploration
Statistically Generated Disney Tournament
Pothole Detection
Optimizing Emté Routes
Exploring Explainable ML
Deploying a Machine Learning Model
Retro Games Reinforcement Learning
Statistical Cross-Validation Techniques
Cluster Analysis: Creating Customer Segments
Exploring Advanced Feature Engineering Techniques
Predicting and Optimizing Auction Prices
Statistical Analysis using the Hurdle Model
Predict and optimize demand
Analyzing Google Takeout Data
Cars Dashboard
Qwixx Visualization
Academic Journey Visualization
Predicting Housing Prices
Analyzing FitBit Data

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Credits: Maarten Grootendors

Last Edited on: 30/11/2020

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