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Hello There!

I am nish. I am a beginner developer, here some info about me

  • 🙃 Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them
  • 👀 I’m interested in Java. I know JavaScript, HTML and CSS (self-taught, so it is likely that i don’t about know something)
  • 💞️ I’m looking to collaborate on nothing… You can contact me for collaboration though!

📫 How to reach me


You can know if i am active on Discord, by looking at my GitHub status. It updates when i become online on discord and when i am sleeping.

Spotify: Nishant1500

@@        Extra Contacts        @@


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Languages and Tools:

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🎵 Spotify status

I listen to a lot of songs on Spotify, so here my Spotify now playing status. You can see my Spotify now playing on Discord too! (If Something is not playing, it just shows static info of the previous played song)

Now Playing

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