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Hola!:wave: Mucho Gusto.:blush:

banner that says Kelechi Precious Nwachukwu - code newbie always. content curator. contributing for good alongside an oil paint illustration of Kelechi Hi, I'm Kelechi, a Project Manager with Finance background & love for anything Data or Tech. Open-source documentation & translation contributor, working on using data for good, big team player. Python is my first language, loving Markdown too. Igbo native, cartoon freak, chocolate, good food, and karaoke.

More About Me:woman:

:purple_heart: Kind people are my kinda people

:100: Radical for Jesus

:star: Uniquely naive tho independent

:apple: Beginner mindset (open to learning)

:sparkles: Child at heart (i see the world as magical)

I love to race in where angels fear to tread. Committed to face fears & overcome them. In order to escape any feeling of being stuck, i often travel.

Find me around the WWW🌎:

  • Contributing on: GitHub

  • Trying to be up to good on: Twitter

  • Lazy curating pluckyspiration on: YouTube or WordPress

Credits: PluckyPrecious

Last Edited on: 30/08/2020

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