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Hey there 👋,

I create blog posts and open source packages mainly about python and data engineering. I have a passion for learning and sharing my knowledge with others a public as possible. You can see a full list of what I am up to on If you found value in something I have created, please feel free to send a tip, give me a shout out @_waylonwalker, give some ♥ on, or sign up for my newsletter at I would love to see you join.

Boy Scout Rule

I love open source. I am not a heavy maintainer of any large libraries, but I really like the boyscout rule. I contribute to things as I come across issues that I think other people might struggle with. This may be things that are overlooked by someone who is deep into the library. I 💕 a good onboarding readme with good example.

My Digital Garden 🌱

I write regular blog posts, most of which you will find on my personal website and

I write about things I am familiar with, things that trip up folks that I mentor, and things that I am learning. Day to day I make things with data using python and javascript.

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