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Hi!, I'm Alamin

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About Me

I am Al-Amin, a student and tech enthusiast with a passion for software development. Constantly exploring new technologies and embracing challenges, I thrive in the dynamic world of technology. With a focus on collaboration and community support, I strive to inspire others to push their boundaries and pursue greatness. Let’s create innovative solutions together!

  • 🔭 I’m currently working on something cool 😉

  • 👯 I’m looking forward to collaborate on python projects.

  • 🌱 Learning about Computer Vision and Machine Learning stuff

  • 💬 Ask me about anything, I am happy to help, only if the ball is in my court!😉

Connect with Me

Alamin's Portfolio Hrugved's LinkedIn Hrugvedtwts Hrugved's IG Hrugved's TG HrugVed (He/Him)#8131 Hrugved's Mail

Competitive Programming

HackerRank CodeChef Codeforces HackerEarth LeetCode


📋 Programming languages

C C++ Java JavaScript Python PHP Shell Script

📋 Frontend Development

HTML CSS Bootstrap Tailwind CSS

☁️ Cloud

AWS Azure Google Cloud

♾️ DevOps

Docker Kubernetes Bitbucket Git GitLab GitHub

💾 Databases

MySQL MongoDB SQLite Amazon DynamoDB Microsoft SQL Server Firebase

🎛️ Operating Systems

CentOS Debian Kali Linux Linux Ubuntu Windows

💻 IDEs/Editors

Visual Studio Code Android Studio Qt RStudio IntelliJ IDEA NetBeans IDE PyCharm Sublime Text Visual Studio

🥅 Others:

WordPress Jira Apache Apache Tomcat Nginx Selenium Anaconda Apache Kafka Django OpenCV NumPy Pandas Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere Pro Canva Sketch Microsoft Office Microsoft Excel Figma Flutter

Github Stats

💪Quote || Fact

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Thank you for taking the time to read my profile 🤣🤣

Credits: Alamin

Last Edited on: 27/06/2023

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