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Hi There, Welcome to my Github profile!

I am Amardeep Kesharwani, a passionate self-taught full stack web developer, working in both backend and frontend programming. I love solving problems. I have experience in backend as well as frontent development and also Love competitive programming. I am also confident with Data Structures and Algorithms, Object-Oriented Programming, Database Management Systems, Operating Systems


  • 📋 Languages:

    HTML5 CSS3 javascript nodejs typescropt PHP SQL Markdown

  • 🎨 Frameworks

    Reactjs Nextjs redux Vue jQuary Express GraphQl jwt Amp NPM tailwind Material ui Bootstrap Laravel Codeigniter WordPress Prisma

  • 💾 Databases:

    MongoDB MySQL MicrosoftSQLServer

  • 🎛️ Application and Tools:

    Visual Studio Code Git GitHub postman Xmapp Razorpay Zorin Linux Windows Canva Microsoft Office Microsoft Excel

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Amardeep Kesharwani AmardeepKesharwani

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