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I’m a high school student who lives in the United States. I’m learning how to code. I love making and designing webpages with HTML and CSS (and possible JavaScript in the future). It’s fun to code something that anyone on the web can easily see. I also enjoy programming in C++ and Python because they challenge me more. I love it when I can finally solve a difficult problem.

For my programming projects, I usually only upload to Github once I make significant progress. For markdown files, I make commits much more often. Feel free to create a pull request to contribute to any of my repositories.

  • 🌱 I’m currently learning HTML, CSS, Python, and C++.
  • 🔭 I’m currently working on creating webpages and learning how to progam.
  • 😀 I like to crochet, code, read, and draw in my free time.
  • 💬 Ask me about fountain pens.
  • ⚡ Fun fact: My first line of code was not “Hello World!”

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Last Edited on: 30/08/2020

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