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Hi there, I'm Hemant


🙎 Hemant Joshi | 💻 Full Stack Developer | 🛸 India , UK

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⚡️I don’t trust people who don’t write SQL queries in uppercase⚡️


I'm 18 years old Self-taught Full-Stack developer from India.

  • 🥀 Learning GraphQl NextJs & Typescript

  • with Javascript, Typescript, React and 69 others.

  • 🔭 SpaceX FanBoi, Vanilla in Space😼

  • 🛸 Into High Energy Physics and Astrophysics, i love shotting stars too.

  • I do ReactJS and Typescript with Redux Caching and a lot of love :heart:

  • Graphql Exhaust

  • 💬 Connect? lets get social 👉🏼

SQL | Full Stack | Typescript | Competitive Programming

- Languages and Tools…

html csharp js python react vue chrome cloud datascience aws npm gcp bash vscode

- Podcast ⚡️

- What i do

⚡️Stay awesome!⚡️

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Last Edited on: 25/12/2020

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