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Hi, I’m Chip 👋

I’m a writer and computer scientist. I grew up chasing grasshoppers in a small rice-farming village in Vietnam. I spend a lot of time with chickens and alpacas.

  • 🎓 I’ll be teaching Machine Learning Systems Design at Stanford in Jan 2021.
  • 🔭 I’m currently with Snorkel AI, a data-first end-to-end platform for developing AI applications.
  • 📝 I write a lot! I’m the author of four bestselling Vietnamese books. I’m working on an English book on machine learning interviews.
  • 😅 Fun fact: After high school, I went to Brunei for a 3-day vacation which turned into a 3-year trip through Asia, Africa, and South America. During my trip, I worked as a Bollywood extra, a casino hostess, and a street performer.

I’m best reached via email. I’m always open to interesting conversations and collaboration.

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Last Edited on: 06/01/2021

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