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Hi, I’m Thi 👋 — looking for a job as a Data Scientist in Île-de-France 🔭

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I’m a Vietnamese guy who has a curious mind. I’d like to learn something new everyday. I’m a PhD in Applied Maths and currently a Data Scientist.

  • 🌱 I’m currently learning Advanced Machine Learning & Data Science (and enjoying Web Dev).
  • 🔥 Most proud of — Math2IT, a Vietnamese site for intuitive knowledge (maths, education and technology).
  • 📚 My notes of learning at
  • 😍 My hobbies are drawing, reading and cooking.
  • 💌 Contact me at

Technologies I’ve been learning and using so far :

  • Programming languages :
    Python PHP Matlab JavaScript R Lang Ruby FreeFEM++
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning frameworks :
    TensorFlow Scikit-learn PyTorch Jupyter Notebook
  • Frontend :
    HTML5 Sass React Gatsby Jekyll Bootstrap 11ty Wordpress
  • Backend :
    Airflow Docker MongoDB PostgreSQL MySQL gRPC NodeJS Flask GraphQL Heroku
  • OS & IDE & Tools :
    VS Code Linux GNU Bash Git Sphinx

More about me 👉

Credits: dinhanhthi

Last Edited on: 25/11/2020

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