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About me

I'm Federico, a researcher and entrepreneur currently living in Bern, Switzerland. My work combines genomics (more in general, high-throughput technologies) with data science to answer fundamental questions in biomedicine. I describe myself as a generalist. However, as for every person, no single label can be sufficiently accurate. I enjoy breaking communication barriers and have an aversion to silos. I have a long-standing passion for machine learning and applied statistics. In particular, I find Bayesian methods closest to my mindset, interpretable and effective. Finally, a few things I am convinced about:

  • The problem chooses the tool, not the other way around
  • Investing into people pays the highest dividends
  • Innovation requires the right mix of diversity and collaboration


The core components of my daily data science toolkit are:

R Python Bash SQLite Git Docker

Where to find me

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Last Edited on: 07/02/2021

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