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class ReadMe:
    def __init__(self, username="israelias", year=2020):
        self.username = username = 'Joem Elias Sanez' = {
            'programming': ['Full Stack Software Development', 'Code Institute'],
            'architecture': ['Master of Architecture', 'Columbia University'],
            'art': ['Bachelor of Fine Arts', 'Otis College of Art and Design']
        self.employment = {
            'developer': ['company', 'city'],
            'architect': ['Foster + Partners', ['Singapore', 'New York']],
            'designer': ['Herzog & de Meuron', ['New York', 'Basel']],

    def doing(self, now=2020):
        today = self.year

        if now < today:
            experience = self.employment['architect']
            return """
            I was a design architect with {large_firms} in {big_cities}.
            """.format(large_firms=experience[0], big_cities=experience[1])

        elif now = today:
            dream =['programming']
            return """
            I am currently learning {code} at {code_institute}.
            """.format(code=dream[0], code_institute=dream[1])

        elif now > today:
            goal = self.employment['developer']
            return """
            I am eager to collaborate with {teams} on {projects}.
            """.format(teams=goal[0], projects='software development')
            return """
            ### Hi there 👋
    def collaborate(self, role, organization, location):
        opportunity = self.employment
        opportunity[role] = [organization, location]

me = ReadMe(2020)

Credit: israelias

Last Edited on: 08/09/2020

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