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Hi, I’m Jeferson Ferreira, a programming enthusiast.
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⚡Backend developer by nature, but with a curious eye for the frontend, always looking to learn and expand my skills.


  • Languages

    C++ Badge Delphi Badge Python Badge Java Badge JavaScript Badge TypeScript Badge CSS3 Badge HTML5 Badge

  • Frameworks

    Django Badge DjangoREST Badge Flask Badge Spring Badge Node.js Badge React Badge Selenium Badge

  • Databases

    MySQL Badge Firebird Badge MongoDB Badge Redis Badge Postgres Badge SQLite Badge Firebase Badge

  • Version Controls & CI/CD

    Git Badge GitHub Badge Git Extensions Badge TortoiseSVN Badge Jenkins Badge Docker Badge Azure DevOps Badge

  • Clouds & Hostings

    Netlify Badge Heroku Badge Apache Badge Gunicorn Badge

  • IDEs & Tools

    Visual Studio Code Badge PyCharm Badge IntelliJ IDEA Badge Jupyter Badge Sublime Text Badge Embarcadero Badge Google Colab Badge DBeaver Badge IBExpert Badge Postman Badge Chocolatey Badge OpenVPN Badge Discord Badge Slack Badge Notion Badge Trello Badge Microsoft Office Badge

* Skills in study and improvement.

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Last Edited on: 23/07/2023

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