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Data Scientist, Python Developer, Accountant and Data Platforms & Products Specialist

I’m an accountant and a full-stack Data Scientist; I’m used to develop data product (dashboards with ML / explanability, powerful NLP solutions with state-of-art results, and much more) as end-to-end engineer.

I’m the Lead Data Scientist and Python Developer on;
Also, I have achieved some badges that are very important to me, like:

  • Kaggle Notebooks Grandmaster (best ranked at 12th over more than 150k+ other data scientists, with 17 gold medals and 8 silver medals)
  • Top Rated Plus on Upwork (It’s a badge delivered only to 1% of the professionals on this platform)

You can visit some of my projects on:
Kaggle Badge Google Badge Github Badge

Part of my content is now part incorpored by Oreilly Learning & Courses platform to they use it on their courses and books.

🔭 I’m currently working on Upwork Platform as TOP RATED PLUS freelancer.
🌱 I’m currently learning more about Web Development (Dash and Flask) with focus in Data Products
👯 I’m looking to collaborate on Open-Source projects mainly and some Dash Components;

📫 How to reach me:
Linkedin Badge Upwork

Credits: kaburelabs

Last Edited on: 06/01/2021

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