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I'm a 2024 CS undergrad. Currently learning Data Structures and Algorithms, while understanding and implementing the fundamentals of computer engineering and learning web development - React. I love exploring and learning new tech stack.

Thought : "Life is full of choices…choose wisely!”


 About me …

✔ 🔭   I’m currently working on Web Development using Node.js and Express. ✔ 🤝   I’m looking to collaborate on exciting projects which helps us to make our lives more efficient.
✔ 💬 Ask me about Java, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, React
✔ 📫  How to reach me, you can email me at Gmail
✔ 📫   Feel free to ping me on LinkedIn,If I am alive I will answer within seconds 😉
✔ 📚   When I am free, I read finance and Buisness books.
✔ ⚡   Fun fact: I started investing after watching scam 1992.😉

 Contact me ....

you can reach me by:

azzar azzar azzar

azzar azzar

 Language and Tools ....

html js python react vscode bootstrap express mongodb css3

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