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Clark #ms314006

Hi, I’m Clark! I am a front-end Developer of web. I love learing new technology and skills of web, I writting articles about technology of program I leanrned on I leaving in Taiwan now. I want to work at others country, talk a lot with all sort of people and know more about this world 😸.

🤓 My values

🍏 Beginner’s mindset and curiosity
🙌 Sharing anything I learned

🔭 Goals of 2020

I want to learn English. Now I watch English youtube channels and articles everyday and write English articles about program technology each week, I hope I can prepared in 2020 💪. I also want to contribute more open source projects make I can improve my skills of program.

🧠 That I know and use

📚 Langues and Frameworks

  • HTML5
  • Material-ui, Antd, Bootstrap
  • JavaScript, TypeScript
  • React, Redux, Redux-Saga React-Router, Next.js
  • Vue, Vuex, Vue-Router
  • Jest, Enzyme, React-Testing-Library, Vue-Testing-Library

🔧 Tool

  • Version Control(Git/it-Flow)
  • Test Driven Developer
  • Open Source Projects
  • Travis-CI

💡 Projects

🔗 Get in touch

Credit: ms314006

Last Edited on: 19/11/2020

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