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Are you looking for a reliable and passionate Python developer to bring your projects to life? Look no further! With over a year of hands-on experience and certified expertise in web scraping, I am here to offer you top-notch solutions.

  • Web Scraping: Uncover valuable data effortlessly.
  • Data Extraction: Streamline the process and gain insights.
  • Lead Generation: Fuel your business growth with targeted leads.
  • Excel and Browser Automation: Enhance efficiency with automated workflows.
  • Python Scripting: Custom solutions tailored to your requirements.

What Sets Me Apart:

  • Passionate Dedication: Your project will be approached with enthusiasm and dedication, ensuring exceptional results. ❤️
  • Energetic Drive: As a dynamic individual, I bring a vibrant energy to the table, always motivated to deliver excellence. 🚀
  • Tech Innovation: Stay ahead with the latest trends and techniques, driven by a genuine love for technology. 💡


Programming Languages:

Web Scraping, Data Extraction, and Automation:

Web Technologies:




Grading Terminal App

- software engineering 1st year student grading Calculator App in made in C++
- Technologies Used: C++,ASCII escape character,google shell

Vietnamese National Power usage Data Extraction from website Graph

- wrigting web scraper scrapint to scrap Vietnamese National Power usage Data in 2022
 for the national power website graph for data anyalsis work 
- Technologies Used: Python,Scrapy,postman

Contact Me:

Let’s discuss your unique project needs, whether it’s web scraping, data extraction, or automation. I am ready to collaborate and turn your vision into a reality. 🌟

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Credit: progdagi Last Edited on: 12/12/2023

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