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Hello Folks!

My name is Rahul Karda and I'm a Fullstack Developer.

I’m from India, living in Bhopal and currently studying Computer Science.

🌱 I’m currently learning React, NextJS

👯 I’m looking to collaborate on different projects

👨‍💻 All of my projects are available at my website

📝 I actively post on LinkedIn LinkedIn

👀 Ask me about React, NextJS, NodeJS, and APIs

📫You can reach me at

⚡ Fun fact - I like Philosophy and Astronomy

Projects ⚙️

NFT Portal


Javascript, React, Sass, & Solidity - NFT Platform : A Smart contract in Solidity and a Web3 app to Mint your own NFT collection. Frontend made with React to let users connect their wallets and interact with the NFTs.

Wave Portal

Wave Portal

Javascript, React, Sass & Solidity - Wave Portal : A Web3 App with Solidity + Ethereum Smart Contracts. Send me Hello through Blockchain!!.

Portfolio App


HTML5, CSS3, & Javascript - Portfolio Site including links to my projects and ways to get in contact with me.

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & APIs - With over 10,000 different images, pick a date to get the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day!

Web Postman

Web Postman

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & PrismJs - A Web interface to easily create GET and POST requests to test and document APIs.

IP Address Tracker

IP Address Tracker

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & APIs - Tracks your IP Address and generates the live location on map.

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Blog & Writing ✍

Apart from coding, I also maintain a blog - you can find my articles on my website at as well as on Medium and

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