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Hey, nice to see you.

Welcome to my page!
I'm Thomas, Fullstack developer from Lorient, France, currently living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Things I code with

React Webpack Docker github actions Google Cloud Platform TypeScript Insomnia Apollo Heroku redux GraphQL Sass Styled Components git NestJs angular npm html5 Brave browser Rollup d3js Prettier MongoDB Nodejs

Open source projects

🎁 Projects ⭐ Stars 📚 Forks 🛎 Issues 📬 Pull requests
React PullToRefresh component Stars Forks Issues Pull Requests
Typescript & React Chrome Extension Starter Stars Forks Issues Pull Requests
NodeJs Express TypeScript GraphQL Starter Stars Forks Issues Pull Requests

My latest posts

Välkommen till Stockholm!

Above are the last 3 pictures posted by @visitstockholm!
Currently, the weather is: 14°C, light rain
Today, the sun rises at 05:38 and sets at 19:59.

Where to find me

Github Twitter LinkedIn Medium

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Stars Forks

Credits: thmsgbrt

Last Edited on: 30/08/2020

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