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Hello friend , I’m Thomas !

I’m a french developer :fr: maintly but touches everything, servers, bots, community management, events, social networks and moore. I mostly on, I lovin soo much this community. I am a fan of Material Design and Boostrap ! I am learning to write better English and VueJs. ☕

  • Today, I work on Mr. Robøt. This is a french Discord bot for automated moderating that removes insults and spam. I have been maintaining it since 2017.
  • I also created the project named Gate, this is a web page with simple shortcuts.
  • Really loved the Web Monetization, then Awesome Web Monetization is out! You can see modules/packages, documentations, links and more about that !
Now PlayingProbably listening music now. You can follow me on Spotify 🎶

✉ — For contact

  • 🙌 • Personal website with blog and full description about me and what I like. You’ll find a lot of things on it but nothing to keep you for an eternity.
  • 🔧 • See my public resources and tests on GitHub. You could have browser issues on some pages.

🛠 — Skills

Bootstrap CSS3 HTML5 JavaScript Express.js Vue.js Figma Sass Node.js Linux MySQL Git Ruby

🍃 — Keep up to date on my adventures, follow me everywhere

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Credits: thomasbnt

Last Edited on: 31/08/2020

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